Powerocks® Li-ion Kick Scooter Trouble-Shoot FAQ


QWhy no work of indicator when unpack the scooter & switch it on?

AEvery & each scooter will be pre-set as “Resting State” to save power before manufacturer shipment. Plug with the original charger to AC outlet and then activated within 2 minutes


QWhen charger plugged in, but no charging at all?

A >. Initially make sure what u take is original charger by manufacturer (29V/2A), otherwise, replace an original one with dealers.

>. If original charger is plug-in but no color change to the power indicator, then reach dealer/manufacturer to replace the charger.

>. If indicator is red on, but still no charging, call Powerocks® after-sales service team immediately.


QEven u try to ride, but no moving on?

AAccelerate again and ensure the indicator on the controller is working.

>. If controller indicator is power-on, check the Electronic Brake button “P” on the handle bar left is working well (smooth press to up-and-down). If “P” is not activated, then accelerate to enjoy the scooting. If still no move-on, reach Powerocks® after-sales service team immediately.

>. If controller indicator is power-off, plug-in with charger again into AC outlets at 2 minutes to make sure the

scooter is power sufficient to support your ride-on. If still no move-on, call Powerocks® after-sales service team



QWhat’s the range per full charge?

ANormally, if average weight @ 60KGs on flat surface roads, it can support 40KM+ maximum per full charge. Exact range may vary due to the rider’s weight, incline(s) and how many circles/lifespan the battery pack already consumed


QWhy dual-brakes (Electronic Brake + Drum Brake) are equipped?

ADifferent from that of bicycles or passenger cars, kick scooter is easy to side-slip if run regularly


>. Electronic Brake can stop the motor inside efficiently which designed for high-speed scooting.

>. Physical-foot-brake is more safe to prevent from side-slip which made for normal-speed riding.

>. If emergency happens, dual-brakes are double-on to optimize the braking performance.


QCan it carry any other heavy luggages or belongings?

ANo person stand-on or maximum 10KGs max loading if the scooter is standing via the kick-stand.

In view of the kick-stand, the overloaded heavy stuffs will damage the scooter much. Max load is 120KGs if ride it

on which maximum safety is secured.



For your better knowing, please check the video down blow:

(YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qiv7DGjaWow )