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Stone 3 -- Ultimate expression of fashion &simplicity

2012-01-02 16:24

    iPhone & iPad catch customers’ eye with its powerful function &stylish design, giving consumers an unprecedented experience. Despite the unprecedented experience, customers always face an un-durable original battery. To help customers sold the durable problem, Powerocks, Apple's global partner and authorized brand, Strong launch Stone 3, which could full charge iPad2, charge iPhone for 5 times. 

    Stone3, 7800mAh capacity, could full charge iPad, charge iPhone4/4S for 5 times; There are two output, 2.1A each output, could charge iPad & iPhone at the same time, and need only 4 hours to full charge iPad2.

    Stone 3 keeps in the same line with Apple's minimalist style, stylish simplicity. The outlook is square, tough lines, simplicity and elegant; gray matte in the positive and piano paint in side; 
The most amazing is Logo is coincided with power situation signal. powerocks is the brand, and could also show the situation of power, each letter represents 11% of power.

    More function, Stone3 is also designed for other smart phone and touch pad, such as Blackberry, HTC, SamSung Galaxy.

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